Branding: How to Unlock Your Brand Voice

5 Questions To Help You Unlock Your Brand Voice

Feel like you’re attracting the wrong kind of clients or none at all? You’re not alone. Here’s the good news: if you’re struggling to get your brand noticed, you could massively improve your results by discovering your unique brand voice.

Every brand has a voice and a persona, just as every person has a personality. Your brand voice highlights the personality of your business, and also the perception your potential customers will have of your business.

When you’re not clear on your brand voice, you could be driving away potential clients unknowingly by sending the wrong message, to the wrong people, in the wrong places. This creates a huge communication gap between you and your ideal client.

You can’t be all things to all people so you’ve got to narrow down your focus in terms of what problem your business solves and who you’re solving these problems for.

If you want to get more loyal clients and start building a memorable brand start with these 5 questions:

1) If my brand were a person, how would I describe their personality?
2) Who are your ideal clients?
3) What do you offer them? ( your value proposition)
4) Where are your customers located?
5) How do you want them to relate to you?

When you can answer these 5 questions, you’ll be a lot clearer on how you can communicate a consistent message that presents your brand in the best possible light.

Armed with this powerful information, you’ll be able to make decisions about how your copy is written, what tone of voice is used and what kind of visual styling will have the most impact in terms of connecting with your desired target audience.

Although you’ll do well by hiring a branding consultant, copywriter and graphic designer to help you create a solid branding strategy, even without their expertise you’ll begin to get much better results simply by gaining more understanding and knowing exactly who to target with your message, and where to find them.

When you make use of this vital info, it makes it much easier to close the communication gap between you and your ideal client.

Action Step:

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