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5 Reasons Why Consistency Is Important

Staying consistent is important. Thats pretty obvious right? You probably already know that being consistent in your efforts is a great habit to have in terms of goal achievement, but have you ever noticed you sometimes sabotage your own success by  allowing yourself to get overwhelmed or distracted? Even the best plans or ideas fail without applying consistent effort.Do you find yourself trying to start a new diet, new business or new habit only to find that your activity and enthusiasm diminishes when don’t get the results you were expecting?

Whether you are building a business, or working out in the gym, a lack of consistency will stop your progress or have you starting from the beginning altogether.

I’m talking from experience when I say this. For example I haven’t written a blog post in over a month!  I’ll be completely honest here…when I’m not being consistent with my business, it’s because I’m trying to do too many things at one time. Avoid this pitfall at all costs. Always remember this… It’s better to do a little on a consistent basis than a lots of things on an irregular basis.

Here are 5 reasons why. consistency is important with any kind of goal achievement in life:

1) Without it you lose momentum and sometimes have to start over

Momentum is vital. If you don’t believe what you’re doing is having an effect or you’re not seeing results straight away, it’s easy to give up or become discouraged. You need to push past the point of no return where what you are doing becomes routine to you. Only then can you gain momentum an make real progress. Starting and stopping causes you to loose momentum and just wastes time.

2) Consistency gets your efforts noticed

When you’re consistently making an effort, you start to notice your results as well as other people. When other people acknowledge your progress, that’s a sign that things are happening for you. Use that as motivation to keep on going.

3) It’s the key to success in any aspect of life and always wins over talent

It doesn’t matter if you’re a network marketer or just an ordinary person trying to drop a few dress sizes, you can achieve absolutely any result you want in life by taking consistent action towards achieving your goals regardless of how talented you are. Consistency and hard work beats talent and irregularity every time.

4)  Consistency creates competence

It’s impossible to achieve great results in anything without consistent practice. Some people believe in luck, but would you leave your life goals to chance or would you take action every day to become great at what you do? Your success depends on your level of competence, as basic familiarity is not enough. You need to be committed to consistent learning and improvement.

5) Consistency is the hallmark of leaders

Consistency is a leadership trait. Why is this important you ask?  This is important because the first step to becoming a leader is leading yourself. Think about it.

Whenever I stop being consistent guess what happens… progress slows down and it just increases the gap between me and my goals.  Consistency affects everything. We are the result of our daily compounded actions whether we like it or not. It is the difference between sickness and health, success and failure, closeness and distance in relationships. Take note!

Two great books that reinforce the importance of consistency are The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy … and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.





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