About Me

A creative soul. Conversationalist. Deep thinker. Handsome guy. Design God. Analytical genius… okay I think I’m going too far now…

In all seriousness, an about page is one of the most difficult things to write. I mean… How can you summarize yourself on one page? Ok… I’ll try my best; to keep it short while giving you a sense of who I am and what I do…

Who I am

I’m an old soul, with old school values. A bit of a workaholic and perfectionist at times but I’m working on that. While I’ve always been entrepreneurial, I grew up in East London and spent a lot of my youth honing my skills in design / art / media production. I learned to produce music at 16, film and edit at 20 and after graduating with a degree in Communications I got serious about graphic design.

What I do

I help small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs build their brand identities. Basically I design logos… ok not just logos; a whole list of things… websites, brochures, banners… that kind of stuff. All done through my design studio Cakebox Creative.

I’m also a digital content creator … basically I make YouTube videos, produce podcasts and other content. My mission is to help people find their passion, experience new things, create their own brands and encourage them to take an active role in content creation for the purpose of brand building.

Fun Facts

I …

  • make the most delicious pancakes (ask about me)
  • am a Coffee Addict
  • have A Degree in Communications (is that even fun)
  • proposed to my wife on the top of the Empire State Building in New York.
  • lived and went to school in Nigeria
  • have¬†been filming and editing vlog style videos since 2004.
  • used to own an internet radio station





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