Why People Give Up - Andrew Akinyede

Are You A Dreamer?

As human beings we really do over complicate things sometimes; and especially when we become adults. As children, we’re really clear (in our own minds) about what we’d like to do when we get older. But as we get older, our self belief diminishes in a major way.


Those of us who do attempt to live out our dreams face obstacles. Some of us persevere, but most of us don’t, or don’t hold on long enough to reap the rewards.So we give up on our dreams without much of a fight. Are you a dreamer? Do you want to make your dreams a reality? My advice to you is simply this: DON’T GIVE UP!

Here are 7 reasons why most people give up on their dreams:

  1. They expect results too fast
  2. Resistant to change, unwilling to adapt (habits, lifestyle, staying inside the comfort zone)
  3. The fear of failure and judgement from others is greater than the desire to succeed
  4. They stop believing in themselves and instead listen to the negative opinions of others around them (people are often told to be realistic)
  5. They get burned out from overworking and then the passion dies for whatever it is they were working towards
  6. They see failure as a reason to quit instead of learning a lesson and regrouping
  7. Lack of support
Being aware of the reasons why most people give up may just give you a glimmer of hope; just to hang on just a little bit longer. I explore these reasons in more depth in Podcast Episode 005.


Check out the video below…


What are your goals, and how long have you been working on them? I’d like to know, so comment below!


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