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Better Conversations, Empathy and Listening Skills

Have you ever wondered why there’s a breakdown in communication within your relationships? Do you find yourself trying to ‘fix’ the other person? You could be using dysfunctional language that could be potentially driving a wedge between your significant other, your friends, your co-workers or your children.

This week I chat with Rick Goodfriend about non-violent communication, empathy and how to become a better listener to instantly improve your personal and business relationships. Rick Goodfriend is a certified communications coach, author and founder of World Empathy Day.

Also in the this week’s show…

  • the difference between hearing someone and actually listening to them
  • understanding the other person’s  needs
  • effective communication
  • why our society is empathy deprived

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Find out more about Rick Goodfriend…

“I Hear You, But…”  Book
Over 100 communication tips to make your business and personal  relationships easier
“Manifesting Instant Calm” CD
I use this CD almost daily to help stay calm: simple exercises.

“Creating Extraordinary Customer Relationships”  CD
Learn the secrets to a closer and prosperous customer connection, Calm upset customers easily

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