Overcoming Creativity and Productivity Blocks

Overcoming Creativity and Productivity Blocks

Is it just me?

Sometimes you’ll know what you’re supposed to be doing but you just can’t seem to summon the motivation to get it done. Even to just get started. Especially when you know the reward will be sweet. Does this happen to you?

Listen man, I’m going on holiday in August and I’m not what you call beach ready. Yeah I flopped… This time last year I had big plans…

I’ve had my ticket booked since last summer and the goal was to gain at least a stone in muscle. Boy….

I’ve not picked up a dumbbell once. My nutrition is appalling and I’m probably going to look like a malnourished goat on the beach. I have sealed my fate for this one….

Right now I’m so pissed off with myself as I know I’m not going to look how I want in my holiday snaps and videos. My lack of motivation is also starting to affect my creative process of writing blogs, podcasts and videos. I mean …I’m doing ok with the actual business side of things, but one of the things that helps attract potential clients and opportunities are my blogs, podcasts and videos. And right now I cant seem  to shake this creativity block…



I just don’t feel like doing anything… 

The thing is I have so many ideas for content, but I just cant seem to execute on any other them. Have you experienced this before? This isn’t the first time for me and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ve been here many times before, but from what I can remember it’s all about momentum. The secret is to never stop creating. For long periods of time at least. There’s nothing wrong with having a break. In fact, having regular breaks will actually help your creativity and your productivity. It’s just like Newton’s First Law: “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion” .

Burnout is real mate…

I think I’ve gone too long without a break.  Work life balance is tough when you’re a parent. Even more so when you’re running a business or working with a side hustle too. Cant complain though. I chose this life…

Perhaps a change of scenery will help? That’s why I’m going away for a bit this summer.  I hope you don’t feel like you’ve wasted time reading this. The whole point of this blog was to have an outlet and to try and reagin my creative mojo. even if nobody reads this to the end I know that just taking the time to write this will at least set the wheels in motion for more… so thats why I’m writing this right now… dusting those cobwebs off…

I’ve got some wicked content that needs sharing this year.  Something I think will inspire one or two people. I can’t do that by staying quiet. Neither can you.

Get off your ass and go create something. Add value. Be a blessing to someone else.

Just do it 

If you want to overcome creativity and productivity blocks here are my 4 Tips:

1) Eliminate distraction
2) Start anyway and push through the pain
3) Build momentum
4) Have a change of scenery

I hope you got something out of this. If you did, tweet me or leave a comment below.

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Nothing Like a Shiny New Website

Nothing Like a Shiny New Website

So I decided to scrap the old blog and replace it with this more refined masterpiece of a website … ok so it’s not a masterpiece but it will do for now…


In case you haven’t read my about page, this site is where I post everything (almost) I’m up to professionally, my vlogs, and this is going to be my personal diary and collection of thoughts about what’s going on in the world…particularly with society, technology, and social media.

I don’t want to take too much of your time so I’ll be keeping these relatively short by sometimes referencing a podcast or one of my videos so you don’t have to work too hard to consume my content. Make sense? Cool…

Are we connected on social? Don’t be shy; let’s get acquainted. Connect with me on one of the social networks below… I prefer Instagram and Twitter at the moment, the others are a bit dry right now but let’s see. Talk soon.

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Visual Branding: Why You Should Invest in A Professional Graphic Designer

Visual Branding: Why You Should Invest in A Professional Graphic Designer

When deciding you’re going to go pro and take your side hustle to the next level, create that podcast, event or dream business you’re going to need a sexy face for it (hear me out…)Human beings are visual creatures. We judge everything on face value  initially before we have enough info to make an informed decision. We do judge a book by its cover.#Facts

When presenting your brand, product or service to a potential customer or client the first thing they’re going to judge you on in most cases is appearance.

Your artwork, packaging, presentation… all of that… it all tells a Story of what can be expected from your brand experience. Let me make it more real for you…
Imagine meeting a potential dating partner for the first time and you’re yet to exchange words. What attracts you initially? Looks right? How they dress, their physical appearance all matter before one party approaches the other.
The same is to be said about your brand. It needs to be visually pleasing to the people you’re trying to attract. That’s why it’s really important to have good design behind everything you do, starting with your logo, which is essentially the face of your brand.
You might be tempted to get it on the cheap or DIY But let me put it to you like this … if your logo is the face of your brand imagine this scenario…. If you needed cosmetic surgery on your face, who would you go to: the cheapest person you could find, or the best that your money can buy with the best recommendations and testimonials from happy clients?
I’ll leave that there *sips tea*

I’ll get straight to the point. I run a graphic design studio called Cakebox Creative and I’ve helped more than a few small Business owners and startups create memorable and visually pleasing brands… basically I design logos.
When it comes to choosing a logo for your business, it’s as serious as choosing a face. You’ve basically got to wear that shit all day, so it’s important to get it right.

I don’t like to toot my own horn but I’ll let my previous clients do that for me. You can check out some of my reviews here.

Over to you…

Do you need to get a new logo for your brand? Perhaps you need to rebrand… let’s  have a conversation. You can slide into my DMs on Twitter, Instagram or if you prefer to be more “official” you can email me at andrew (at) cakeboxcreative.co.uk
If you liked this post, please share with you network *you never know; it might help someone*, leave a comment or join my inner circle over here and get access to my best stuff.

Bye for now and take care. AA

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Taking The Vlog to the Next Level

Taking The Vlog to the Next Level

While I was away I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of content I want to create online and how I’m going to do it. I’ve done blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos before and let’s be honest… EVERYONE’s doing it.
As a content creator you’ve got to constantly think about how your content can stand out and that’s why I’ve taken a break to think of my game plan, get some new equipment and learn some new techniques that will improve the look and feel of my content.
Without giving too much away, you can expect a lot more from me, and I’ll be sharing more videos not just with my usual theme of personal development and motivation but now you can expect my more of my new videos to show more adventure, exploration and fun.
If you have any questions you want me to answer; feel free to holla… Let’s see how this unfolds.
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