Is it just me?

Sometimes you’ll know what you’re supposed to be doing but you just can’t seem to summon the motivation to get it done. Even to just get started. Especially when you know the reward will be sweet. Does this happen to you?

Listen man, I’m going on holiday in August and I’m not what you call beach ready. Yeah I flopped… This time last year I had big plans…

I’ve had my ticket booked since last summer and the goal was to gain at least a stone in muscle. Boy….

I’ve not picked up a dumbbell once. My nutrition is appalling and I’m probably going to look like a malnourished goat on the beach. I have sealed my fate for this one….

Right now I’m so pissed off with myself as I know I’m not going to look how I want in my holiday snaps and videos. My lack of motivation is also starting to affect my creative process of writing blogs, podcasts and videos. I mean …I’m doing ok with the actual business side of things, but one of the things that helps attract potential clients and opportunities are my blogs, podcasts and videos. And right now I cant seem  to shake this creativity block…



I just don’t feel like doing anything… 

The thing is I have so many ideas for content, but I just cant seem to execute on any other them. Have you experienced this before? This isn’t the first time for me and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ve been here many times before, but from what I can remember it’s all about momentum. The secret is to never stop creating. For long periods of time at least. There’s nothing wrong with having a break. In fact, having regular breaks will actually help your creativity and your productivity. It’s just like Newton’s First Law: “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion” .

Burnout is real mate…

I think I’ve gone too long without a break.  Work life balance is tough when you’re a parent. Even more so when you’re running a business or working with a side hustle too. Cant complain though. I chose this life…

Perhaps a change of scenery will help? That’s why I’m going away for a bit this summer.  I hope you don’t feel like you’ve wasted time reading this. The whole point of this blog was to have an outlet and to try and reagin my creative mojo. even if nobody reads this to the end I know that just taking the time to write this will at least set the wheels in motion for more… so thats why I’m writing this right now… dusting those cobwebs off…

I’ve got some wicked content that needs sharing this year.  Something I think will inspire one or two people. I can’t do that by staying quiet. Neither can you.

Get off your ass and go create something. Add value. Be a blessing to someone else.

Just do it 

If you want to overcome creativity and productivity blocks here are my 4 Tips:

1) Eliminate distraction
2) Start anyway and push through the pain
3) Build momentum
4) Have a change of scenery

I hope you got something out of this. If you did, tweet me or leave a comment below.


  1. Dominique

    I experienced this for a whole month once. I had some personal stuff that I needed to address before I could overcome my writers block because it was consuming all of my thoughts.

    To overcome it I agree with what you recommended. I took a break from whatsapp for a few days and I was so productive.

    A change in scenery also helps.

  2. Dominique

    I suffered a month-long writing block earlier this year. Each time I went to write a blog, I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall. I did the same and wrote about my writer’s block. Recently I had creativity block where I had the ideas but was not able to execute them. I decided to take a break away from it. Luckily I live on an island so I went to the beach nearly every day and read a good book for a week. Reading helped to stimulate my mind and get my creativity back. As did lounging on the beach all day.


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