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Why I Disappeared for 7 Months


Another hiatus has interrupted the flow… Such is life eh?
You might have think I’ve crawled under a rock. I did really. Like… NOBODY has seen me (unless you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram or live next door to me…) It’s certainly been a while since I posted on here. 7 months to be exact…


Heres’ whats been going down….


LOTS of client work with Cakebox Creative which I absolutely love – (I’ll post some shots of the work Ive done for them recently), writing, filming and launching my first online membership course Cakebox Academy which is designed to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers brand themselves effectively, get more customers and get more exposure online.


All of this while looking after my two little monsters, taking one to school and the other to nursery… I feel exhausted just writing about it.


So with all that going on, sadly I’ve had to sacrifice the recording of my weekly videos and podcasts to try and turn this dream into a reality, but now it’s finally done and I’ve had a chance top catch my breath, I’m ready to come outside and play again. Like a normal person.


Although the hard work isn’t over, I’m happy that I’m in a position to impact others with my skills and expertise when it comes to building a brand and getting exposure online, while sharing my entrepreneurial journey. You can find out more about it here…

So what now?

I’ll be slowly getting back into the swing of things with the podcast and the videos and being here for you…. that means answering your questions, jumping on live streams and sharing tips, tools and strategies that will help you create a more delicious life, brand and business.

Here’s to your health, wealth and happiness. See you on the internet soon.


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