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Discovering Your Calling Through Unexpected Change with Rebecca Gordon

Who says you can’t change your world? Sometimes unexpected change can force you to come out of your comfort zone and start thinking outside the box.

Unexpected change can inspire you into new ways of thinking and being, and it can even lead you to discover your calling. That’s exactly what happened to Rebecca Gordon, who is my special guest in Episode 17 of The Life & Design Podcast.

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Rebecca is from Birmingham, UK and heads up her own coaching practice called Satellite Life Coaching. She’s also a broadcaster, lecturer and writer.

Through her transformational coaching, she helps individuals get better results in their personal lives, careers and businesses by transforming self limiting beliefs into self honouring beliefs.

From English lecturer to globe-trotting life coach, Rebecca embraced a series of life changing events which helped her discover her calling. She shares her story with us while we discuss:


  • unexpected change as a catalyst for self discovery and personal growth
  • creating a vision and having the courage to follow through
  • leaving your comfort zone
  • acknowledging the need for help and guidance from others
  • the importance of feedback for self correction
  • allowing, awareness and self belief

#LifeDesignTip – “Start your day by setting an intention for yourself… Life is perfect, the universe is always on time. ” – Rebecca Gordon

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