End of Year Roundup 2016


Ok here’s the realness. I’ve taken a break from the updates not entirely by choice but because I’ve had to focus on keeping my obligations to my wonderful clients. Yes i think they’re wonderful. In not trying to be funny or sarcastic there’re actually wonderful. These are the people who make it possible for me to pay my phonebills, and pay for my kids birthday presents and stuff like that. To all my clients, I FULLY APPRECIATE  YOU…

So this year has been very interesting; with ups and downs (mostly ups) Im ready to tackle 2017 with a vengeance and with a a DIFFERENT game plan. You know what they say… ” What got you here wont get you there” so to take things to the next level, I’ve got to do something different, to what I’ve already been doing.

Here are a few highlights form this year:


Completed building my online branding and marketing workshop course Cakebox Academy (due to be launched properly in 2017)

Made it to Page 1 of Google for search term “logo design London”

Britain’s Best Budding Designer Finalist

Attracted 14 new clients to my existing client database


The Life and Design Podcast is listened to in 80 different countries

Started vlogging

Got a drone and made some cool ass arial videos . you’ll see much more of this in the summer….

Finally got a PS4 .. yes that was a highlight for me


I’m Still far from where i really want to be but a wave of happiness goes through me sometimes when i realize I’ve been successfully in building a strong enough brand online to convince people I’ve never met or spoken to in real life to send me money for my design expertise. Sometimes we dont give ourselves enough credit. and to me thats really something.


So what now..


Here’s what i’m going to do differently. Im going to be more vocal about what I’m doing and I aim to be more visible at events, meetups etc, and hopefully more media appearances.

I’,m gonna be real what you. I cant promise any set schedule for the vlogs, but I will be focusing on creating more vlog content and podcasts to inspire , educate and entertain you especially around the topics of life, branding and business. So if you want to design a better life, brand and business, and you’re ready to to create your own economy theres never been a better time and, I invite you to join me on the journey.



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