Tori KBD, Fearless Year

How to Fear Less and Achieve More with Tori (KBD)


Do you believe you can FLY?

In Episode 20 of the Life & Design Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking to Tori, creator and Founder of KBD (KnowTorious Bespoke Designs). Tori is an amazing creative talent with a passion for photography, fashion & film. In this episode, Tori shares her story so far as a creative entrepreneur; and how she coined #FLY, a challenge to inspire herself and others to conquer their fears one step at a time.

Teaser: Having a “FearLess” Year 

As an introvert, one of the things Tori was frustrated with was that she didn’t have the confidence to promote herself; so she set herself a challenge to fight the fears that were preventing her from taking necessary action in her life and business. After deciding to make a change, she wrote down a list a 10 things she wanted to conquer her fears of, working towards becoming what she calls FLY ….

Listen to the conversation and discover what it means to #FLY

    Also in the show we talk about:

  • Standing out from the crowd and being creative
  • Self Confidence
  • The Importance of finding yourself
  • Validation from family and friends
  • The importance of design and visual branding


Tori, KBD

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