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Goal Setting & Planning Your Happiness with Mo Seetubtim

Every now and again we reflect on where we are in our lives. We ask ourselves questions… am I happy, am I doing what I want to do? Is this where I thought I’d be after graduating from university? Am I fulfilled, is this the career for me? Am I happy with my body? Am I happy in my relationship? Is this my life’s purpose?


These are all questions that swirl around in our minds when we reflect on this wonderful journey we call life. The problem is that far too many people go through life on autopilot, so life just tends to “happen to them”. They don’t get what they want and they’re constantly waiting for a breakthrough or wondering what life would be like if they could change something.  But if you look at most happy and successful people, they’re much more intentional about goal setting and being happy.


Goal setting, tracking your thoughts and keeping organised  are some of the key ingredients for creating a better life. That’s why I’ve brought my special guest Mo Seetubtim onto the show. She is definitely one to watch for 2016 and is definitely one of the movers and shakers in the creative world. 

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Mo Seetubtim is a Writer, Designer and creator of The Happiness Planner. The Happiness Planner is a beautifully designed notebook planner which focuses on positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, self-development and cultivating happiness.

#LifeDesignTip –”Follow your intuition, have faith in yourself, follow what feels right.” – Mo Seetubtim

The Happiness Plan

Find out more about Mo Seetubtim & The Happiness Planner

Website: www.thehappinessplanner.com | Get 10% off your Happiness Planner with the coupon code LIFEDESIGN18 at the checkout.


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