How to deal with rejection

How To Deal with Rejection and Failure

In episode 007 of the Life & Design Podcast I talk about failure and rejection and how it shouldn’t be the end of your journey towards whatever it is that you want.

Have you tried losing weight and failed many times? Have you been rejected after many job interviews? Perhaps you’ve failed to make the grade for a test or exam. It really doesn’t have to be the end of your journey. It’s what you do to correct your mistakes that counts. It’s all about learning and moving forward.

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Harry Potter Author JK Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before she got her big break. Where would she be if she had given up after the second, third or fourth rejection? Who knows…

Most of the time failure makes you smarter, stronger or just takes you through a different route. I believe the Universe doesn’t make mistakes. Every failure is part of the divine design, and to prepare us to give birth to our vision.

Just as a sat nav device will recalculate your journey when you go the wrong way, you’ll still get to your destination if you just keep going. You wouldn’t park up the car just because you made a wrong turn would you?

I gave a personal example of how I failed my practical driving test 3 times and had to take my theory test 3 times even though I only failed it once.

Also in this episode, is  a speech from JK Rowling on how failure has made her the success she is today. I also mention the failures and rejection experienced from other successful people such as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Jay Z and Oprah Winfrey.


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