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How To Find Clarity in Your Life and Business with Clara Chorley


I love talking to some of the biggest movers and shakers in personal growth. In episode 15 of the Life and Design Podcast I was joined by Clara Chorley, CEO and founder of business coaching consultancy Clarity Unlimited. In this week’s show, Clara shares her story and her experiences of building a successful transformational coaching business, while travelling around the globe. Click the play button to hear this week’s show

  More in this show

  • The contrast between being an employee and an entrepreneur
  • How to find clarity in your life, career or business
  • T.U.R.N – the inner game mastery programme
  • The importance of accountability, mentors and masterminds
  • How to deal with fear

#LifeDesignTip – “Wake up every morning, close your eyes, sit on the bed. Find the part of you that knows what you want, and ask it if you’re on track and ten do something with that answer. Take time out of your life to listen and be with yourself. Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes in the morning.” – Clara Chorley

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Website: Get the book:  T.U.R.N – 4 Steps to Clarity in Your Life and Career Facebook: Watch the video: Facing Fear  (TEDx)   Over to you: Did you enjoy this episode? Leave a comment below, share with a friend and subscribe on iTunes This show is sponsored by Cakebox CreativeGraphic Design & Digital Marketing. (Logo design, brand identity, bespoke print design and web development – London/Essex)

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