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I’m Vlogging Now!

I finally decided to add another element to my Youtube channel, so I can share a little more behind the scenes of what I do outside of my branding and design stuff. I’ll admit its a little challenging trying to come up with things to do to  make it interesting for you as a viewer, but hey… some days are boring. It’s just life… wouldn’t be real otherwise would it mate? Expect to see videos of me meeting new friends, clients and sometimes spending time with friends and family.

After the first two vlogs I had to seriously think about whether i was going to make this a weekly commitment, but after going through the processes of editing and putting everything together i realised that I just wasn’t about that Casey Neistat life. Daily vlogging or any type of vlogging on a consistent basis is HARD WORK. Enjoyable, but its work at the end of the day. For now I’ll stick to an ad hoc schedule of vlogging and hopefully work towards doing it fortnightly…

Let’s see where it goes…

Incase you want to get started with your own vlog here’s a list of the equipment I’m currently using…

Big Camera – Nikon D5300
Additional Lens – Nikon 50mm F1.8
Little Camera – Canon EOS M10 
Steady Grip for Camera
Aerial Footage (Drone) DJI Phantom 3
Lavalier Mic – BOYA BY-M1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone

Need a hand or some advice about getting started? Email me –


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