Trading Time for Money Vs Automated Income with Ben Martin

In episode 012 of the Life & Design Podcast I talk to internet marketer and online business coach Ben Martin.

Many people are fed up of being overworked and underpaid. With advances in technology the job market is threatening job security on a global scale. In this week’s show we talk about the dangers of trading time for money long term and how he discovered a way to generate a 6 figure income online and relocate to the Bahamas.

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More in this show:

  • What is MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
  • The concept of leverage (trading time for money vs. leverage from the internet)
  • Being a slave to his landscape gardening business and discovering the world of online marketing
  • Hard work vs. smart work
  • The retirement trap: running out of money AFTER retirement

Internet Marketing Coach Ben Martin


#LifeDesignTip – “Most People have a dream and what happens is: they allow their family, their friends and outside sources to tell them its not possible. There’s so much more inside of you than average. Simply Get Started. Whatever your dream is, go after it with 100% effort and do that RIGHT NOW.”- Ben Martin

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