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Janna Beatty – Cultivating Your Personal Style

This week I’m joined by Janna Beatty, an author, professional image consultant and CEO of the U.R makeover centre in Waco, Texas.

Do you want to reinvent yourself? Do you want to be taken more seriously and boost your confidence? Finding your and cultivating your personal style will put you on the path to looking your best, feeling confident and attracting the situations and people you want.

Janna is an expert on the subject of non- verbal communication, colour consulting and personal image projection.

We talk about how cultivating your personal style is important for boosting your confidence and projecting authenticity

  • How the way we dress affects our psychology and how we are perceived by others
  • What steps to take to reinvent yourself and discover your personal brand
  • The book Quintessential Style which Janna co-wrote with Sharon White

“Our visual image announces who we are to the world”

Quintessential Style: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look

Quintessential Style (The Website)

Packing Guide: The Quintessential Packing List

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3 thoughts on “Janna Beatty – Cultivating Your Personal Style

  1. Thanks Andrew!
    It was an honor to be your inaugural guest.
    Hope your listeners will benefit from remembering non-verbal communication is 75 to 95% of the message we convey.
    Janna Beatty
    Co-Author Quintessential Style

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