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Hi, I’m Andrew Akinyede. I’m just an ordinary guy trying to be extraordinary. Mediocre is not something I like to be honest, and I’m sure you don’t either otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post.

You’ve probably dreamed of working from home with complete time freedom, but don’t believe it’s possible. I was exactly the same. But I found a way to achieve this, and I took action to work towards this goal and I urge you to do the same TODAY! It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but it is POSSIBLE!

I started this blog as a way of sharing some of my experiences with you on my journey to success whilst building my home based businesses.

I’ve always been business minded, even as a child in school. I loved sketching, reading, music, computers and from a young age I was always trying to make a pound (dollar for all my American family reading this). When I hit my teenage years, I discovered girls and music and wasn’t interested in anything else LOL. I got a part time job and spent my money on a lot of expensive useless crap. I never saved a penny.

After failing my A-Levels I went on to study a mobile engineering degree, expecting to land a “good job” at the end of it. I ended up dropping out because of my lack of interest. After much convincing from my parents because they wanted the best for me, I went on to study a communications degree which I actually enjoyed. Looking back I had a lot of fun times, but what I didn’t know was how fast the time would go, and I was disillusioned about how much money I had.

I had a well paid part time job, and on top of that I took out student loans instead of using dormant gift I had of making money. I took the lazy option and I didn’t really think that far into the future. The very same week I finished uni, I found a full time job as an advertising sales exec in the city. I moved out from my parents home with my fiancee and at 24 I had joined the rat-race. By this time I was stressed out with planning our wedding and all the other pressures that came from my job at the time. Looking back the pay was great but my life wasn’t. I hated the daily commute, rushed lunchtimes and the repetitive zombie like lifestyle of a full time employee. Can you relate to this?

In 2008 I set up my first business as a freelance graphic designer. I didn’t get any paying clients but I did learn a lot. I went on to start a reasonably successful Internet radio station which eventually closed because it hit a point where it stopped growing. I didn’t understand that it was impossible to get anywhere without the help of others or likeminded people. By the time I set up my 3rd and current business, I had gained so much life experience and my mindset had changed from a fixed mindset to a mindset of growth. I later went on to reading more personal development books.

A game-changer in my career was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. That helped me identify something that was missing from my business; residual income. This was one of the ‘secrets’ of the rich, which is often overlooked simply because it’s misunderstood. Residual income is what allows you to have complete time freedom, while getting paid multiple times for work done once. Since reading Rich Dad poor Dad, I have set up multiple streams of residual income, and this is where I offer my help to people to do the same.

I’ll be making some videos on this subject, so keep checking out my Youtube channel for updates.

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