Listener Appreciation (it goes a long way…)


So I was just going through the comment section of my blog, which i rarely check and I found this message from a podcast listeners a few months back. I was surprised to see the message as usually I dont get very many comments related to the Podcast here, as most of the interaction is on Soundcloud or on Social Media.


Admittedly I’d fallen behind with the podcast and just postponed the recoding of further episodes until I was on top of all my client assignments. to be completely honest I didn’t feel like the podcast mattered that much, but you never know  who you’re inspiring from afar.


If you’re a content creator and you’re trying to build an audience of your own, just because you dont get a whole lot of feedback upfront at the beginning doesn’t mean people dont care or that you’re being supported. So many people are appreciating your message in silence. Here’s what they wrote;


” I am so glad your podcast is back online! It is both quirky and inspirational. I only discovered it a few months ago and was sad to discover you’re (I thought at the time) not doing it anymore.

I am also a designer and a huge fan of motivational and personal growth blogs/Audible books. I also read Mindset by Carol Dweck. I thought it was fantastic and have really tried to use it in my work and home life and it has reshaped the way I parent my children.

Love this, and all, of your podcasts. Thank you for coming back with “season 2”. I look forward to listening to all the great advice you have to give!”


Big shoutout to Memory Morgan for those tremendous words of encouragement. Let me be transparent with you, I had at times question the relevance of the podcast especially at a time when so many other new and exciting podcasts are being released… but reading messages like these remind me of why i do what I do and inspires me to keep recording content for the people.

Appreciation goes a long way, so if there’s someone out there who’s creating something you admire, let them know, You never know what position their in. You might just give someone the inspiration they need to keep going, and make a impact the lives of many others in the process.

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