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Recent Interview on The Coaching Lounge

It’s not every day someone pays you a compliment as nice as this…

For me, a compliment is an acknowledgement of your excellence; a seal of approval from an observer. We can sing our own praises all we want but nothing can come close to when someone else acknowledges you on your work.

Recently, I felt honoured to be referred to as the “Brand Master” on The amazing Podcast from life coach Rebecca Gordon, The Coaching Lounge.

Rebecca was also a guest last year on the Life & Design podcast and shared some valuable advice on the importance of support and mentorship when building a business or pursuing any type of lifestyle transformation.

You probably already know I’m usually on the other side on the microphone but this time, Rebecca was in the pilot seat interviewing me about how I got started with Cakebox Creative, personal branding and entrepreneurship in general.

In the podcast We talk about:

  • Where to start with brand creation
  • Some of the mistakes that people make when trying to create a brand for their business
  • How to make yourself more appealing to your target audience.
  • The personality behind the brand.
  • The importance of relationship building

It was an enjoyable conversation and hopefully just one of many where I share my insights on my entrepreneurial journey and creating a brand.

Click the play button below to hear the conversation:




Rebecca Gordon, Satellite Life Coaching

The Coaching Lounge Podcast



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