Starting A Blog

How To Get Your Brand Online: Starting A Blog

If you’re thinking of starting your own business or building a brand, you probably already know that starting a blog is essential to your success. If you want recognition, or want to become a leader in your niche, your clients and peers will expect you to be accessible somewhere online.


When people want a product or a service, what’s the first place they go to for information?


Yes, you’re absolutely right. The first place they go to is the internet, and if you don’t have your own “real estate”  or “hub” online, you’ll miss out on opportunities to establish your brand, while your competitors scoop up your potential clients like the last bit of ice cream on a hot summers day.


No ice-cream for you…Not good for you, your brand, and certainly not good for business.


Starting A Blog


If you want to get discovered online, you’ll need your own platform. There are no two ways about it.


In the Personal Branding Checklist I wrote recently, one of the things I stressed the importance of was “owning” your own platform as opposed to “renting” other online space such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube which you’ll never be able to control.


You absolutely must have a homepage where you share valuable content that solves the problems of your target audience; inspiring, educating and entertaining them. Why? Because when you audience know, like and trust you, you have a solid foundation which you can use to your advantage when it comes to establishing your credibility. More credibility = A tastier brand + more opportunity to make sales.


Starting a blog has the lowest barrier of entry of all the self promotion platforms such as a professionally produced YouTube channel, podcast, or a published book. It requires the least amount of technical knowhow and is a valuable and scaleable asset in terms of getting discovered online.


If you haven’t yet got your own homepage or website, fear not. By the end of this blog you’ll have access to the same amazing web hosting platform I host all of my sites on.


OK so what if you don’t know anything about setting up websites or blogging? Don’t worry; you’re not alone and I’m here to help.


Many people put off starting a blog because they’re concerned about the technical aspect of things, and how time consuming it might be. The idea of Domain names, hosting accounts and things like that can be quite daunting to a first time blogger or website owner. You might also feel that you don’t have the time to blog. If this sounds like like you, you’ll be delighted to know about my free blog set up service with Bluehost.


You may be familiar with a blogging platform called WordPress. It’s extremely quick to set up. It’s also very intuitive and versatile so you can either use it to create a simple blog or a fully fledged professional business website. The possibilities are endless and you’ll be able to easily publish your content yourself without relying on a web developer. With Bluehost, it takes just 5 minutes to set up!


The Benefits?


There are so many benefits of using WordPress to start your own blog via Bluehost:


  • takes 5 minutes to Setup
  • WordPress is a FREE platform
  • design is 100% customisable with thousands of free themes
  • no complex coding to do
  • easy to expand and have multiple user accounts for your team members
  • you can update and manage your site from any computer anywhere in the world
  • unlimited website hosting and unlimited email addresses!

  Ready to get started?




You can either set it all up yourself by following the video above, or I can  install your WordPress blog free of charge when you order through this special link:


Normally, you’d have to pay a web developer to set up your site somewhere in the region of £100 / $150 depending on where you are. But for you, I’ll set everything up for you as described in the video for free.


Why am I doing this for free? I’m being sponsored by Bluehost as an Affiliate so they pay me for every new account that gets set up. Bluehost is the official hosting partner for both Andrew Akinyede dot com and Cakebox Creative. They also host more than half of my clients’ websites and they offer amazing 24/7 support and customer service with almost zero downtime. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee, no hidden costs and no gimmicks.


To get set up for free, all you need to do is order your webhosting plan from Bluehost using my affiliate link. You’ll even get a free domain name so you’ll be able to have everything up and running very quickly.


Special Bonus


As a bonus, I’ll even set up a customised email address ( and have it forward to your personal email address FREE OF CHARGE.  Remember in order to receive the free installation and email setup you must order using this special link:


After you place your order, simply forward me the confirmation email you receive from Bluehost which should have your login information and I’ll set up and install your blog within 24 hours (excluding weekends). You’ll then have a shiny new blog so you can start building your own platform and brand yourself like the pro’s!


More About Bluehost






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