Imagine how you would feel if every day your finances, eyebrows and skin were on point. Imagine if your brand was popping, all your selfies banged, you’re eating at the best restaurants, going on 5 holidays a year, and you’re all booed up. Yeah that type of life that would look perfect on the gram…

That’s what success looks like right?

I think it’s time to rethink the way we define success.

From a young age we’ve been conditioned to have a specific idea or vision of what success is supposed to look like. For example, when it comes to relationships in a lot of cultures, getting engaged and married is seen as the ultimate benchmark of success.

To give another example, for some people success is envisioned as having power and status, driving a luxury car, having the biggest house and wearing a rollie (Rolex)… where did this idea come from?

I think we’ve got it all twisted. I think sometimes we’re fixated on the commercialised, outward signs of success and it’s distracting us from the real work we have to put in to be truly successful. More importantly it’s bad for our sanity. I don’t think social media helps either.

When we look at these images and our lives don’t seem to be as exciting in comparison, it’s easy to feel inadequate. Not everyone has the same level of maturity, and some end up going broke while trying to create a false perception of living this “lifestyle” and trying to compete with other people’s “highlight reel”.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not theres definitely a keeping up with the jones complex going on here. All these outward signs of success all have a trade off and it’s not always what it seems to be. You don’t know how they got their money or whether or not what they’re posting is in fact current or real…




What if we started to think of success as a process or a mindset, and not something that can be bought or owned?

What I’ve noticed in my 21 years (plus 13) is that success is more about progress rather than having certain things or situations. If more of us understood this, society would be much happier. If we think of success on a basic level – for example, material things money, cars, houses etc the pursuit never stops.  You have to understand that sometimes the chase is more exciting than the prize.


I was thinking the other day… happiness comes down to a simple formula:

Reality – Expectations = Happiness

This will mean different things to different people. Simply because we all have different expectations, due to our environments and what we’ve been exposed to.

How many expectations do you have of yourself and others? Have you ever wondered why some people who seem to have everything they could ever want, end up depressed or suicidal? That’s a major clue to why material wealth alone neither equates to happiness nor success.

How to Be More Successful

I’ll let you into a little secret. You already are successful. If you can read and understand what I’m saying to you, that shows that you’re already successful to a degree – You can read.  Not only can you read, but you have the technology to read this. You’re probably reading this on a phone that you successfully paid a phone bill for.  You probably passed a driving test and graduated from University. That’s success. You get what I’m saying? Success comes in all forms; it’s about being intentional about making progress in as many areas in your life as you can.

For me success is balancing and making progress in all areas of my life. If I’m better than I was last year in my mind, I’m successful.

My prosperity pyramid explains this…

The Prosperity Pyramid

success_happiness_pyramidTo put this into perspective this quote from Rory Vaden hits the nail on the head.


“Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due every day.”


This can be said for a happy marriage, a great business, your finances, and both your physical and mental health…

Ask yourself… did you save money today? did you compliment your partner or do something nice for them today? did you drink water today? when was the last time you took a holiday? I’ll leave that there…

THE RENT IS DUE EVERY DAY! Do you know how deep this is??? Don’t forget to pay your rent, you already know what to do… 🙂

What Does Success Look Like to You? Comment below or tweet me.


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