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Whole Being and Connecting with Your Highest Self

In episode 008 of the Life & Design Podcast I talk to Wendy Reese. Wendy is a lifestyle strategist who specializes in whole-beingness. With over 2 decades of experience in the health and wellness industry,  Wendy is the founder of Wholebeing inc, is a speaker, a yoga coach and author of the book Just Tell Me What To Do-: A Guide to Becoming the True You.

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In the show, we talk about:

  • The concept of whole-being
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • How to identify and eliminate self-limiting beliefs
  • Reconnecting with divine essence
  • Acceptance and living in the moment


“I help people reconnect to their essence, uncover their highest self buried in the shadows, and reveal their gifts to the world fully. I help people be whole. Being whole is a lifestyle choice that incorporates everything we ingest, digest, eliminate or integrate. Are you ready to get through the stuck, release the limitations holding you back, and live optimally” – Wendy Reese

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Just Tell Me What To Do!”: A guide to becoming the true YOU (The Book)

Bees Breath Meditation

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