Work Life Balance - Dr Mekel Harris

Discovering the Importance of Balance

In episode 009 of the Life & Design Podcast I talk to my special guest Dr. Mekel Harris all the way from Los Angeles, California. Mekel is a psychologist, associate professor, international & TEDx speaker, and mentor. This week we talk about the importance of  finding balance between work and personal life, and the effects on our mental, physical and spiritual health.

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Points covered in the show:

  • Maintaining a healthy work life balance
  • Being able to disconnect from work during personal time.
  • Learning to say no and setting boundaries
  • Prioritising your workload
  • Useful apps for mindfulness and tracking our daily activities

“The pathway to mental and physical health, wellness, and balance unfolds one small step at a time.  It would be my privilege to journey alongside you! “- Dr. Mekel Harris

Find out more about Dr. Mekel Harris


TEDx Talk: A Palette of Perspectives 

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