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8 Ways To Restore Balance In Your Life

I love talking to my Facebook friends and subscribers because it allows me to connect with them and find out what their problems are. This post is dedicated to my friend ‘Chi Chi’ who asked for advice on what to do when feeling overwhelmed with life’s daily grind.

While we strive for success it can be very easy to neglect our work-life balance which causes emotional, mental and even physical problems, making us less productive, and just downright miserable. Based on experience,  I’ve written 8 tips that might be of value to anyone who’s going through a similar situation.


1) Book time off from work or decide a period of time that you will take away from your business.

It doesn’t matter how short the time off is, what matters  most is that you’ve made the commitment to ‘unplug’ for a specific amount of time.

2) Disconnect and reflect.

With all the technology we have at our disposal, we’ve made ourselves available 24 hours a day. Sometimes it’s good to turn off the phone and all our other communication devices.

3) Don’t Say Yes To Everything

Sometimes it’s good to exercise the power of ‘no’. When someone asks you for a favour or to go somewhere and you’ve had a busy day. Don’t feel obliged, even if you’re not busy right now. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, going out of your way to do something with other people is the last thing you should do if you really don’t want to. Learn to enjoy your own company and don’t feel pressured

4) Avoid talking about work when spending time with your friends and family so much…

Even if you love your job or are passionate about your business, try not to centre your conversations around work.  If you work at a job, avoid office politics and other minutia. This will drain you of positive energy. Take your mind off your work for a while and focus on socialising with friends or having relaxing evening with your spouse.

5) Connect with nature.

Modern living makes our minds so noisy leaving us exhausted at times. One of the best ways to slow down and clear our minds is connecting with nature. There’s a connectedness that you get  from walking through a park or a forrest that just allows you to quieten your thoughts.

6) Exercise

Go for a jog, a swim or go hard in the gym for 30-45 mins. It’s a huge stress relief and releases stress busting chemicals in the body that allow you to think with more clarity. Exercise is known to help you sleep better too.

7) Compartmentalise your life

Imagine all the elements of your life eg. your work, family, relationship etc all have a door to a room. When you enter each room, there is a stop clock with a specific amount of time, and when that time is up, you must leave the room and go to the next room. If you take this approach and give each compartment of your life 100% focus, INCLUDING ‘play time’ you’ll have a lot less stress and you’ll be a happier person.

8) Automation & Delegation

Is there anything that you do that can be delegated to someone else or automated? Here are a few examples:

  • Hire someone to deal with household chores or give it to your kids to do. Perhaps trade the responsibility for a reward eg extra pocket money
  • Are you running a business part time and need someone to answer the phone or handle admin tasks? Why not hire a virtual assistant or receptionist?
  • Use your out-of-office in your email. This will automatically reply emails when you’re not able to. You can customise your message according to the situation and get back to them as soon as it’s convenient for you while maintaining good communication. Make your message as personal as possible and change it from time to time.

Trying a combination of these or all of them after a while, will surely result in a positive change in your life. If you feel overwhelmed you can easily restore some kind of balance just by doing one of the above.

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